The Future Of Programmatic Ad Buying

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Buying digital advertising isn’t what it used to be anymore. Advertisers have become much smarter, so they all want to obtain the biggest bang for the buck. They want to know their advertising dollars bring the qualified leads and new clients, so they try to target only those market segments that are the most profitable. Besides, these companies try to avoid the middlemen, as they want to keep their marketing costs to a minimum. This is why the advertising industry is rapidly moving towards automation. Global brands already prefer programmatic ad buying, as it brings them lots of advantages. These ad transactions are as efficient as possible, since there’s no human intervention to slow down the process. The only requirement for these systems to deliver outstanding results is to make sure the right data is applied. Once you know how to evaluate what works best for your products, all you need to do is apply these settings to your programmatic ad buying campaigns. The automated system is going to do the rest. This approach is much better for advertisers, as they can tweak their campaigns as they wish. The traditional media buying way locks buyers into contracts, so changes are more difficult to implement without penalties or cost recalculations.

All these being said, it’s worth motioning that automatic ad buying has increased exponentially during the past few years. The five billion increase from the 2014 to the 2015 total expenditure shows the tremendous potential of this relatively new industry.

The future is bright, there’s no doubt about it. As technology progresses, new systems are more sophisticated, thus being able to reduce fraud. Unfortunately, the complete elimination of online fraud is almost impossible. However, even small progress is more than welcome, as it enables advertisers to obtain a better ROI on their campaigns. Brand marketers find these promises very appealing, so they are willing to give up the traditional way in favor of automatic systems that ease their life and boost their profitability. Funnel tracking and buying is definitely the future of digital advertising. Players who see these advantages and try to develop solutions like the optimization found on that cater to the needs of the market are going to be the winners of this game. There’s a lot of money in this industry, and the growth is exponential. This should be enough for smart entrepreneurs, as the sooner they grab a nice slice of this market, the better. Automation is good for all parties involved. Media buying agencies can always hire IT teams to develop such systems, so they aren’t going to disappear any time soon. On the contrary, they are going to be able to offer better segmenting to their clients, no matter in which markets or industries they operate. Last but not least, this automatic process of buying ads is going to be good for end consumers, as they will be exposed only to those brands and products they have a genuine interest in. Most of them are even going to be happy to become aware of all these products or services.