Questions To Ask When Hiring A Car Injury Lawyer

Frontal Car Crash

If you find yourself in need of a car injury lawyer there are a number of questions that you need to ask before you hire them. It is recommended that you contact a number of lawyers and ask the same questions to find the one which is right for your case. These questions could be asked over the phone or during an initial consultation with the lawyer.

What Experience Do They Have?

As car injury law falls under personal injury law you need to find out what experience the lawyer has with car injury cases. The lawyer you choose should have extensive experience with this type of personal injury and not one that usually handles other types of cases. The reason why this is important is due to the different regulations and nuances of a car injury case compare to a workplace injury case.

You also need to find out if they have any experience with the specific injury that you have. If the lawyer has never handled a case where the person was injured in the same manner as you, they might have difficulty with the case.

What Ratio Of Cases Settle?

When you speak with the lawyer you need to find out how many of their cases are settled out of court. While the majority of these cases will be settled without a trial you need to be wary of lawyers who have never gone to trial. If your lawyer does not want to go to trial they could pressure you into accepting a settlement that is not completely acceptable. A lawyer who never goes to trial will also have a reputation for this and the other lawyers may use this to their advantage.

Will They Be Personally Handling The Case?

Many law firms have senior partners who speak with potential clients and they will not always work on the case. It is important that you find out who will be handling your case and whether or not you will be able to speak to them before hiring the firm. The lawyer that you initially talk with could be very competent, but the lawyer that handles your case may not be as competent.

What Is The Fee Structure?

The cost of using the lawyer needs to be something that you know upfront. Most car injury lawyer will work on a no win no fee basis, but you need to consider how much of the settlement they will take as their fee. This fee generally varies from case to case and between firms, but could be as much as 40%.

Are There Out Of Pocket Costs?

The lawyer’s fees and the costs are often different and you need to find out if there are any costs that you will be liable for. These expenses should be known before you hire the lawyer and could range from almost nothing to very expensive.

There are a number of questions that you need to ask a lawyer before you hire them to represent you and the article on has some tips on this. It is important that you know about their experience and what their fee structure is.