Everything To Know About Temporary Structures

Temporary Tent Structure

Temporary Tent Structure

Something that is created or established with the purpose of existing for a long time is basically referred to as a permanent structure. In contrast, temporary structures are things that are established or created to last for a specific duration of time that is dependent on how long they are actually needed. The term ‘temporary’ can be used to refer to different time frames depending on the area of application. Temporary or semi-permanent structures do however have a limited timeline in which they can be used effectively and safely. This timeline is mainly determined by the specifications and engineering techniques used to come up with these structures.

Many events today are making using of temporary or semi-permanent structures. These structures can be made from soft or hard marquees depending on the duration and the load they will carry. Hard marquee structures can serve the same purpose as a building and are capable of remaining in place for months. However, most semi-permanent structures out there today are only designed for short-term use as they cannot fully withstand heavy winds and other harsh weather conditions.

An important aspect of temporary or semi-permanent structures is regarding the surface they are laid or built on. Most structures are laid on flat grass surfaces while others may need to be laid on wooden or concrete flooring. The type of surface affects how long a temporary or semi-permanent structure can stay in place. Grass surfaces may be affected by adverse weather conditions such as heavy downpour and floods. Also, the grass where a structure is built on may seize to grow due to seclusion and lack of sunlight.

Temporary structures set up for public institutions, facilities and commercial industries can stay in place for a much longer duration as they are designed and engineered with durability in mind. This kind of structures can survive for many years and even decades if they are maintained properly. A good example of temporary or semi-permanent structures that can last for many years include portable cabin structures used as alternatives for permanent buildings such as offices, classrooms, storage rooms and other public facilities.

This means that temporary or semi-permanent structures do not have to be used on a temporary basis exclusively. These structures can also serve the purpose of permanent structures that can be transported or moved as a single complete unit. A crane can be used to move such a structure from place to place making it viable for hire by people who may need such a structure.

Industries also make use of temporary structures in form of mobile warehouses that are made from steel or aluminum frames. Temporary warehouses for industries are made to be strong and sturdy enough so as to provide safe storage of goods and valuable commodities for a considerable duration of time.

In conclusion, you now know that Regal Tent temporary structures can be used for events, in industrial and commercial applications as well as general public use. Regal Tent is a provider of quality and affordable temporary and semi-permanent structures.