Do You Need IT Service Management?

Lots of businesses struggle with whether or not they should outsource their IT service management. If they’ve never done so before, they might think that it’s cost-prohibitive. However, the day often comes that it’s better to hire industry professionals than let office personnel handle all the technical details, many of which might just be beyond them. In some cases, non-professionals can actually waste so much of their time trying to do IT management or projects that it turns out to be cheaper to hire an IT service to handle everything for you.

If you are struggling with this decision yourself, think about just how long you’ve been struggling with it. You might not have any clue what an IT service can do for you. In the majority of cases, it’s simply wasteful for an entrepreneur like yourself, or your staff, to waste precious time learning what IT professionals already know and can do for you.

Consider the single project of upgrading from DSL or not. Do you know how to combine your phone, PCs, IM, and everything else into a cohesive communication network that will service your office, sales staff, e-platforms, and selling venues?

You do need to consider a few factors when you or someone else examines your system and you analyze the possibility of replacement. Cost and reliability are the biggest factors for most companies. If reliability is crucial for your applications, then definitely hire an IT service.

That’s particularly true if your business is so far behind the curve that anyone around you thinks that a DSL connection is the best you can do. Many other businesses, likely including your competition, have increased their own power by converting things to a T1 connection.

DSL is still fast, and you probably like how cost-effective it is in terms of getting access to high-speed bandwidth. However, if you have commercial applications with lots of users, then you need to upgrade to T1. This is just one example of IT upgrades you might need, and need industry professionals for.

Many business leaders might not realize just how much of their communication gets lost in greater cyberspace, since their connections are a hodgepodge of routers, modems, web hosts, and PCs. Yet, replacing all that with just one single server might improve your performance by a factor of 10!

It really all comes down to balance and money. If you’re an eCommerce business, how much money could you make in the time-frame that it would take to solve any IT issue? Or, just how much downtime could you afford. The right IT service management provider might solve an issue in less than two hours. You might think that’s expensive if they charge $200 an hour. Yet, if you’re missing a $100 an hour in sales and it takes your own staff two days to solve the issue, how much does it really cost? It’s worth at least a consultation.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out for good professionals. They might be able to tell you how many sales you’re losing to 401, 402, and 404 messages, and then fix it so you grow your revenue again.