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Wood gain dash kits add an air of elegance to a car, but not every car comes with wood grain.  Sometimes due to lack in funds or just the ridiculous overhead that car sales people tend to tack on when you add astethic upgrades, you never get that luxury look and feel.

The Dash Trim Kit Store offers more than a dozen different wood grain finishes for over 1,000 car makes/models.  If you were ever thinking of upgrading your car with a high quality wood dash kit, you can get one for as little as $150.00.

Then the inside of your car can look like this….


With an easy to use kit matching system, it’s not hard to see why people are adding these small touches.

Not only can you select various wood grain patterned and colored trims, but you can also select from other styles as well.

BlindingHID is an online store providing low cost HID lighting kits and HID lighting related products. They have the capability of matching you with a cost-effective kit based on your bulb size or by car make & model.

Installing an HID kit is meant to be an easy process that converts your standard automotive lighting into high intensity Xenon Halide lighting. HID kits can range anywhere from $30 – $128 depending on manufacturing, car model, lumens, etc.

HID lights are not standard on most vehicles, hence the need for a kit which includes ballasts, mounts, bulbs, and wiring.

BlindingHID has ensured an excellent product in providing a high quality conversion kit, at an affordable price point, that includes a warranty and surefire easy installation.

Wondering what an HID lighting kit could do for your car?

After following a heated discussion on Modded Mustangs about the cost relationship and burnout rate of Xenon head lights vs. Ultra Whites by Panasonic, I managed to grab a picture of a sweet upgrade on a Mustang.

This kit apparently cost this guy $150 plus shipping. Did I mention, shipping in the U.S. is free at

The primary allure to these lights isn’t just the cool blue tint, but truly, the ability to see further in extremely dark driving environments. High end luxury and sports cars come standard with HIDs for better night time driving.

Check out the comparison:


HIDs seem like a good investment and BlindingHID offers a competitive pricing structure, free shipping, warranty, and various assistive tools to make your DIY install that much easier.


Ring in America’s birthday the only way she’ll allow: with ice cold beer, grilled meats, and LOUD COLORFUL EXPLOSIONS!

God Bless The U.S. of A.!

By Kyle Fitzsimmons

With bullshit like Twilight and True Blood for the masses to sink their teeth into it seems that vampires and vampire culture is just about everywhere these days. What has resulted are such horrors as Robert Pattinson becoming a household name; more idiots thinking they’re vampires than ever before; and now, said idiot vampire wannabes causing car wrecks.

Why did the vampire cross the road?

To scare a woman in Grand Junction, Colorado into backing her car into a ditch apparently.

By Kyle Fitzsimmons


Automotive news out of Blue Springs, Missouri today: A man went to the local Ford dealership to test drive a pick-up truck and left the dealership with three wrecked cars in his wake.

The photo above is proof that some of us just can’t handle pressure situations…or situations that involve using “REVERSE” correctly.

Really the only information available at this time is that he put the car in reverse on accident then hit the gas on accident and somehow managed to crush not one but two Mercury Milans.

No word yet on whether or not Livia Soprano was involved in any way:


By Kyle Fitzsimmons


Sylvina Beagley is not your typical Utahn. Utah is typically associated with white bread Mormon folk who refrain from pre-marital sex, go on missions, and read the Bible. Hell, you can kicked out of college there just for fraternizing with the opposite sex. That is why it is so alarming to read about Beagley’s wild and crazy Monday morning in the Great Lake State.

It all started with an honest man doing his civic duty by posting roadsigns in West Valley around 5 a.m. on Monday morning. At which point the suspect, Sylvina Beagley, pulled up in her very own car (in the nude) and decided she liked Roadsign Posting Man’s car better than hers so she took it. One missed turn and she crashes. Case closed, right? Not quite.

The police arrive on scene and find a bloodied and sweaty Beagley hiding in a bush and since there is no clothing material to grab hold of, she slips free from their grasp and hops into the nearest squad car. She speeds off and misses another turn but instead of crashing quietly into the bushes like before, she launches the squad car roughly 50 feet Dukes of Hazard style. The officers decide to forgo the medical attention and instead just taser the ever loving stuff out of poor naked Sylvina.

The quote of the day goes to Tom McLachlan, a West Valley police captain.

“It appears there may be mental issues involved.”

By Kyle Fitzsimmons


It’s refreshing to see that despite a hundred years of getting knocked around (literally) by the automobile, The Canines have finally put one up on the board against The American Drivers.

Next week they will likely continue their dominance against The Mail Men.

By Kyle Fitzsimmons


Its turn ons include idling clusters of small cars and tugboats with a 20 foot clearance.

By Kyle Fitzsimmons

Despite our reservations in reinforcing the stereotype of Asians as terrible, horrible, no good drivers: here is a collection of 34 low-speed collisions caught by CCTV cameras.


So whether you’re a motorist, biker, or pedestrian, keep your head on a swivel and foot/hand/mind on the brake.

By Kyle Fitzsimmons


Evidently “The Way of the Road”–in addition to urinating in empty milk jugs and accompanying ladies of the night–also entails overestimating one’s driving skills.
By Kyle Fitzsimmons

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